Style standout: Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee dinner

Dee Goodwyn, 64, is known for making a statement with what she wears. And at the Martin Luther King Jr. Awards Dinner, she did not disappoint.

"I have my own style and everyone knows to expect something different from me," the Severn resident said at the event, which raises money for King memorials built in Anne Arundel County.


Goodwyn goes for free-flowing apparel from lines like Bryn Walker and Simpli on her own time. But at work, as the corporate recruiting director for Alion Science and Technology, she's got to button it up.

"I'm generally in tailored suits," she said. "So I mix it up with a pretty scarf or earrings, or something funky."


HER STYLE: "Boutique-y. I like things that are unique. Urban boho. I like bohemian-type clothing. … I feel special when I'm in pretty clothes."

HER ENSEMBLE: Simpli coffee-colored jersey two-piece dress and Viktoria Hayman metallic resin asymmetric necklace and bracelet from her favorite shop, Ida's Idea in Washington. Jessica Simpson gold snakeskin pumps from DSW. Coach gold pebbled-leather satchel she's had for about 10 years.

FAVORITE SIGNATURE STATEMENT PIECES: "Large flowing tops. My cowboy boots. Pumps — I wear pumps with jeans. I have one pair of tennis shoes and when I put them on, my grandkids can't believe I have flat shoes on. ... I have a Burberry poncho that I love. I feel good when I wear it. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. It's about 10 years old. But it's a classic."

HER NICKNAME: "My eldest granddaughter calls me Olivia Pope, from the TV show 'Scandal.' I'm the fixer in our family."

PASSIONATE ABOUT PEOPLE: "My profession is to hire people, to help them get jobs. I work really hard at it. I'm passionate about encouraging others."

WHY BEING INVOLVED IN THE COMMITEE IS IMPORTANT: "Because it is an opportunity to pay homage to a man and a movement in which all Americans have benefited from, including me. My life and my children and grandchildren's lives are appreciably better because of Dr. King."