How we workout: Schoolhouse Fitness

Four Clarksville Middle School teachers and one guidance counselor work out 4 to 5 times a week, after school is over, for about an hour. From left, Emily Savopoulos, Cathi McNees, Linda Pieplow, Arlene Katz (the guidance counselor), and Rhonda Nowacek do a cardiovascular workout using a video.

Meet Emily Savopoulos and the educators at Clarksville middle school in Howard County who get in a little exercise after classes.

Type of workout: Full body workout: upper body, lower body, cardio, weight training, balance, etc.

Who's in the group: The group varies from five die-hard participants to a full classroom. The age range varies, but the core members of the group are in their 40s and 50s.

When they do it: Monday through Friday after classes are over for 40-60 minute sessions.

How it got started: Many years ago, a young teacher, who also taught aerobics, started the daily in-classroom workout class. She now teaches at another school, but the workout group lives on.

Why it's a workout: The group exercises to a collection of 25 workout DVDs. including the "Firm" series, weights and cardio, and "The Biggest Loser: The Workout" featuring Bob Harper.

Why they do it: With their busy schedules, many of the teachers were having trouble getting to the gym. Now, once school is out, they can officially relax for the day. "We have a blast," says Savopoulos, an eighth-grade U.S. history teacher. "It's fun and we support each other." She said the sessions serve as a support system and also provide a bit of competitive peer pressure. "It is a great way to reduce stress at the end of a hectic day with hormonally raging middle-schoolers."

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