Ravens' Torrey Smith supports Michael Sam on new blog

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith took to his new blog Wednesday to show support for University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam, who came out publicly Sunday night.

"I would personally like to applaud Michael Sam for being the first in this profession to be open and honest about his sexuality," Smith wrote. "This shows his courage and strength."


Sam, whose announcement of his sexual orientation first appeared in The New York Times and ESPN, is poised to become the NFL's first openly gay player if he's selected in May's NFL draft.

Responses to the news have varied, with some athletes voicing their support online Sunday night and others insisting the NFL is not ready for an out player. Both Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas and linebacker Jonathan Vilma express concern about how a gay player would affect the locker room dynamic.


NFL brass seems to be equally split. While NFL spokesman Greg Aiello voiced the league's support for Sam, several anonymous NFL executives and coaches told Sports Illustrated the announcement would affect Sam's spot in the NFL draft. Some too said the league "wasn't ready" for an out athlete and brought up the locker room.

Smith, who reportedly used an anti-gay slur on Instagram in January, doesn't share that concern.

"If a group of athletes 18-22 years old can handle having an openly gay teammate," he wrote, "why can't a group of professional athletes?" He later adds, "As long as there is a reciprocation of respect, the locker room environment shouldn't be an issue."

You can read Smith's post in full on his blog, "Torrey Smith's Off-Season Blog Full of Random Thoughts." (Aptly named.)