Looking Out: Pope Francis says church must explore civil unions

Pope Francis said the Catholic Church needed to examine civil unions.

In a wide-ranging interview published Wednesday, Pope Francis called on the Catholic Church to examine and evaluate civil unions.

That's not quite an endorsement of the practice. And it's a far cry from supporting same-sex marriage; the pontiff again repeated the view "marriage is between a man and a woman."


Still, the pope's welcoming stance toward legal same-sex unions follows in his attempts to make the church more inclusive. In 2013, Francis said he believed Catholic leaders had become too focused on same-sex marriage and abortion. He also made headlines by saying he was in no position to judge gay priests, a remark which led in part to his being named The Advocate's Person of the Year.

During this week's interview, Francis said that some nations and states adopt civil unions "to regularize different situations of living together" and referred specifically to access to healthcare and stronger economic equality.


"We have to look at the different cases and evaluate them in their variety," he said.

In that spirit, let's evaluate some other news:

Any LGBT news that has you talking this week? (Or have you been refreshing Idina Menzel videos to kill time before the season finale of "Looking" like I have? No judgment.)