Amtrak has launched new resource websites for LGBT, black and Hispanic travelers.
Amtrak has launched new resource websites for LGBT, black and Hispanic travelers. (Courtesy AmtrakRideWithPride.com)

In an effort to reach out to some of its "multicultural" riders -- namely those who identify as LGBT, black or Hispanic -- Amtrak has launched three new "microsites" where bloggers will be chronicling travel issues specifically relevant to those communities.

The three sites launched earlier this month. For the bilingual Hispanic community, there is the translatable DescubreNorteAmerica.com; for the black community, there is MyBlackJourney.com; and for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, there is AmtrakRideWithPride.com.


"While Amtrak's main website, Amtrak.com, is a travel-planning resource for all travelers, the microsites are culturally focused travel sites that host the unique, original multicultural voices of a rotating set of featured bloggers," Amtrak said in a statement.

The bloggers are already posting from around the country, and there are even special travel deals available.

"Amtrak believes in diversity. For us, it’s more than a corporate buzzword. It’s an appreciation for all people," the site's LGBT "community" page says. "We believe every great adventure begins with an amazing experience.  Our goal is to provide that experience, time and time again. It doesn’t matter who goes along for the ride."

Amtrak is already a sponsor of events like Capital Pride in Washington, and a "proud" member of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association.

It's also a member of the National Council of La Raza, and awards scholarships through the United Negro College Fund for students at historically black colleges and universities.

Amtrak will be highlighting the new ventures on its social media pages.

Mark Mastro, editor of the new Ride with Pride blog, had this to say: "My job is to travel across the country, see new sites and connect with everyday people. More importantly, I share my experiences with those who are seeking a travel experience that makes them feel comfortable."

Sounds like a sweet gig, Mark.

Will you all use the sites?