Equality Maryland endorses Frosh for attorney general

Equality Maryland endorsed Sen. Brian Frosh, a Montgomery County Democrat, for attorney general in 2014.

Equality Maryland has endorsed Sen. Brian Frosh, a Montgomery County Democrat, for attorney general, calling him a "firm ally" of the state's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

"He has the maturity, experience and commitment to be an effective advocate for the LGBT communities of Maryland as our next Attorney General,” said Carrie Evans, Equality Maryland's executive director, in a statement Monday.

Evans credited Frosh with helping secure passage this legislative session of the Fairness for All Marylanders Act, which prohibits discrimination against transgender people in employment, housing and public places. Frosh chairs the judicial proceedings committee, which the bill passed out of on an 8-3 vote.


Tim Williams, chair of Equality Maryland's political action committee, said in a statement that during an interview with Equality Maryland's leaders, Frosh "spoke convincingly about his commitment to fairness and how his own convictions were shaped by the example of his father, who supported civil rights for African Americans as a member of the Montgomery County Council more than 50 years ago."

Stephanie Bernstein, chair of Equality Maryland, Inc.'s board, said Frosh, an attorney, "understands the duties of the Attorney General and articulates a clear vision for how this office can continue to move Maryland forward on fairness or equality."


Frosh is running for attorney general against fellow democrats Del. Jon Cardin, of Baltimore County, and Del. Aisha Braveboy, of Prince George's County. Doug Gansler, the state's current attorney general, is running for governor.

Attorneys Jeffrey Pritzker, a Republican, and Leo Dymowski, a Libertarian, are also running.

A poll for The Baltimore Sun in February showed Cardin leading the race, but also that two-thirds of Maryland Democrats were undecided.

Frosh said he was "thrilled" with the endorsement, and proud of his work with Equality Maryland in the past.

"One of the happiest moments in my legislative career was the night marriage equality passed," he said, of the Maryland legislature's approval of same-sex marriage in 2012.

"I was certainly hopeful of having their endorsement," he said. "I share their values and I've worked hard to make sure that people are treated with fairness and dignity and treated equally with respect to race, gender, sex, sexual preference, geneder identity, etc."
Equality Maryland has also endorsed Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown for governor, as well as 57 other incumbent legislators. The group's full list of endorsements is here.