Ravens fan of the week: Jean Keister

Whether she's sporting face paint, a mask or a bright purple wig, Jean Keister loves to prove her passion for the Ravens.

"I try to wear something different to every single game," said Keister, who inherited her enthusiasm for football from her father.

"I started off as a Colts fan, then they left Baltimore and I was not a fan of any team until we got the Ravens," said Keister, who is 46 and lives in Stevensville. "I pretty much stopped watching football during that time."

Her husband, John, is a Steelers fan, but Keister said that's no problem for her.

"We got married before the Ravens were in town," Keister said. "My husband goes to Ravens games with me because he likes to see me happy. But he's not as hard-core a fan as I am."

Do you have a favorite moment as a Ravens fan?

Probably opening day of last year when the Ravens played the Steelers. We destroyed Pittsburgh and the game fell on my birthday. It was amazing.

This past Sunday's game didn't have quite the same outcome as that match against the Steelers.

The game was fun until the last couple seconds. Those last couple seconds, not so much.

How would you describe your pregame ritual?

It starts early in the week, usually the Monday before gameday. Our group discusses our menu and who is bringing what items to the tailgate.

By midweek I decide on what outfit I'm wearing, which sometimes is not as outrageous as the wig, face paint, and wings. The last game prior to the Steelers game, I put my hair in a ponytail and made it into a bird's nest and had a Raven nesting on my head. I painted the nest purple and the back of my head black.

What drives you to be such an intense fan?

Dressing up makes the game more fun and exciting. It also seems to make other people at the game happier and more willing to come and talk to me.

What do you think about the Ravens' season so far?

This hasn't been one of their best seasons. I kind of feel like the team is doing just what it needs to get by. But I know the Ravens can pull it out. They just have to get it together. A lot of injuries have messed things up, too.

Your thoughts on the coming game against the Redskins?

I'm a little nervous, but I expect the Ravens to win. I also expected a win this past Sunday. RG3 [Robert Griffin III] does have me a little nervous. He's doing pretty well as Washington's quarterback, but I still think we can pull it out. They're not going to take us. The Ravens can't let that happen. Baltimore's definitely taking down D.C.