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Former Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith, wife expecting baby girl

Former Ravens and Terps wide receiver Torrey Smith, who now plays for the Carolina Panthers, revealed Monday that his third child with wife Chanel will be his first daughter.

While on a family vacation, Smith announced over social media July 9 that his longtime partner, whom he had met at Maryland while she was running track, is pregnant. They have two sons, Torrey “T.J.” Jeremiah and Kameron, whose healthy birth had been a sigh of relief for the couple.

Smith detailed in a blog post in 2016 that he and his wife had learned that their second son had a 1 in 10 chance of being born with trisomy 18, a rare disorder due to having part or a whole extra chromosome. Children born with the disorder, also called Edwards syndrome, have stunted features, developmental delays and often do not survive past their first year.

Trisomy 18 also potentially puts the mother’s life at risk. “I feared that I could lose both of them. I also didn’t know how she could handle carrying a baby for months knowing what the ultimate outcome would be,” Smith wrote.

Kameron was cleared of a risk for trisomy 18 before his birth and is now 2 years old.

In an Instagram and Twitter post, the Smiths posed their two sons holding a poster that read “Mama said knock you out ... if you mess with my baby sister!”

Smith became a father the first time in 2013, during his four-season career with the Ravens. He had 213 receptions for 3,591 yards with 30 touchdowns before moving onto the San Francisco 49ers for two seasons and winning his second Super Bowl with the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles.

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