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It’s a bird and it’s plain: Baltimore woman shames boyfriend’s roommate for unseasoned chicken in viral tweet

The Baltimore Sun

When your chicken resembles human lungs, kidney beans or Play-Doh, you might have cooked it wrong.

So said thousands of people on Twitter this week when Baltimore resident Cori Healey tweeted a photo Monday of some unseasoned chicken a friend was baking.

The tweet quickly went viral and was promptly deemed by the internet to be evidence of crimes against humanity and poultry everywhere.

“Y’all wanna get upset by the lack of seasoning on my boyfriends roommates chicken with me,” Healey said in the tweet. “I am DISTRAUGHT.”

Some said they could “taste the sadness” by looking at the photo. Others said there was “a distinct lack of joy here.”

A few also took issue with the apparent absence of cooking spray or foil beneath the chicken cutlets.

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