Still wondering what happened to Baltimore’s Sister Cathy? Amateur sleuths have continued tracking the famous cold case in a new podcast series.

Season 2 of the podcast “Out of the Shadows” covers the death of Baltimore nun Catherine Ann Cesnik, whose 1969 murder remains unsolved.


The more than 45-year-old cold case got a burst of attention in 2017 with the release of Netflix’s docuseries “The Keepers.” The show followed the efforts of two Maryland women, Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Schaub, to continue investigating the death of their high school English teacher.

With Netflix's "The Keepers" documentary series on the unsolved killing of Baltimore nun Sister Catherine Cesnik debuting Friday, we chronicle developments in

“The Keepers” focused on sexual abuse allegations at Archbishop Keough High School in the 1960s and 1970s and the unsolved 1969 killing of Cesnik, who taught there. It examined the theory that Cesnik was murdered because she knew about sexual abuse allegedly committed by school chaplain A. Joseph Maskell.

Maskell died in 2001 and was never criminally charged.

The podcast’s host Shane Waters partners with Hoskins in the second season, which features interviews with several people who appeared in the documentary, including abuse survivor Cindy Lovell and investigative reporter Bob Erlandson.

Waters and Hoskins began work on the podcast right before “The Keepers” aired. About three years has passed since the docuseries filmed, and Hoskins said her investigation has continued to find new victims, details and theories, she said.

“Our focus is to make sure this story does not go away,” Hoskins said, adding that Cesnik’s case has still not been solved.

Waters was excited to discover that listeners have picked up on small details and similarities between Cesnik’s death and others from the time period. The podcast hosts also answer questions from listeners at the end of episodes.

Upcoming episodes are scheduled to include interviews with survivors Michele Stanton and Donna Von Den Bosch, with new episodes released every Tuesday.

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