Summers Farm, known for its elaborate corn maze designs, is paying tribute to D.C.'s baseball team this year. (Video courtesy of Summers Farm)

A Frederick farm known for its elaborate corn maze designs is paying tribute to the Washington Nationals for its 2018 annual fall festival.

Summers Farm’s 12-acre corn maze, a centerpiece of the farm’s annual fall festival, is emblazoned with the baseball team’s logo and ready for visitors to wind their way through the stalks.


A giant “W” encircled by the words “Washington Nationals” takes the center of the maze, which is lined on four sides with interlocking paths. Lettering also spells, “This is your place” in the top left corner of the maze with “2018 Summers Farm” on the bottom right.

Exciting September baseball and timely corn mazes, that's what Maryland does.

The design comes 10 years after Nationals Park opened in D.C. and after the Nationals hosted the MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby this year.

“They really helped the nation’s capital become a true sports town,” Teresa Summers, the farm’s co-owner, said.

The maze has previously featured Baltimore sports designs. In 2016, Summers Farm’s maze was Orioles-themed (after the season they had, we can’t blame them for not bringing that design back this year). And in 2013, when the Ravens won the Super Bowl, the maze was carved with a Ravens logo.

A likeness of pop-music icon Taylor Swift dominated the maze in 2015. And last year the maze had an armed forces theme, with small designs for each of the five military branches.