No, Baltimore police are not hosting a party for drug dealers

Leave your casserole and your drugs at home Saturday.

The Baltimore Police Department will not be hosting a “drug dealer party,” as purported by a parody Facebook page for the City of Baltimore.


The satirical account has been operating since at least last week, when it began ribbing Baltimore for problems such as traffic snarls, filthy harbor water, rampant potholes and police overtime costs.

“Welcome to the unofficial Facebook page for the City of Baltimore,” read the page’s first post, from July 24. “Unlike our intersections, we're always open.”

A July 29 post suggested the police department would host a “drug dealer party” this weekend.

“The Baltimore Police Department is pleased to host the first annual 2018 Drug Dealer Party! We know dealing drugs is tough, so we'd like to celebrate your hard work and give you a rest!” the post read.

An attached flyer claimed the party was at 7 p.m. Saturday at Baltimore Police headquarters, and encouraged prospective attendees to bring “some drugs and a casserole of your choice.”

By Wednesday morning, the post had been shared more than 36,000 times. And news of the “party” was picked up by at least one national television station.

Police spokesman T.J. Smith called out the post on his professional Facebook page.

“So, no. The Baltimore Police Department is NOT hosting a ‘Drug Dealer Party.’ No, the BPD is not asking drug dealers to bring a side dish or casserole. YES, we are asking drug dealers to put down the guns,” he wrote. “… It’s satire, parody, fiction, or whatever you want to call it, but it isn’t real.”