WBAL-TV anchor Lacee Griffith, who was 31 weeks pregnant, got some breaking news of her own while attempting to deliver the morning traffic report Wednesday morning: Her baby girl was on her way.

In a Facebook Live video Thursday, Griffith said she was running in her heels to the anchor desk to deliver the traffic, when she felt her water break.


“I just am getting to the desk and [anchor Jason Newton] is looking at me like, ‘What is happening? … I didn’t know what was happening because this was my first baby.” said Griffith, from her bed in Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. When it was her cue, Griffith said she could barely put together a sentence.

“I was trying to do my best to say something that made any sense.”

Eventually, Griffith said her co-worker tapped her, encouraging her to leave. WBAL employees quickly called an ambulance and escorted her out of the building. Some of them rode in the ambulance with her, she said in the video.

“If we weren't family before, we certainly are now,” Griffith said she later told her WBAL team.

And early Thursday morning, Griffith said she and her husband, WJLA sports reporter and anchor Scott Abraham, gave birth to a baby girl.

“She’s early and she’s little, but she’s doing well,” said Griffith, who added that she wasn’t expecting her baby so soon.

The couple named the new baby Journey, which seems appropriate considering her unique foray into the world.

“She made a dramatic entrance. I guess since her parents are both on TV, she figured hey, we might as well do the same,” Griffith said in the video.

“We’re so excited,” she added, thanking viewers, who have been sending countless messages.

“Being a mom is truly the best in the world, and I finally, now, know that.”