Baltimore's Mr. Trash Wheel is once again at the top of Reddit. Here's a guide for newcomers

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore’s original trash collecting water wheel, Mr. Trash Wheel, has cultivated a passionate online following with his googly eyes, imaginative Twitter account and general waste-combatting success.

And Mr. Trash Wheel is back in the internet spotlight Thursday, thanks to a post about him reaching the top of Reddit’s homepage.

A post titled “[Today I learned] about Baltimore's Mr. Trash Wheel ...” from Reddit user litchity was in the No. 5 spot of the online community’s “hot” rankings, and had over 600 comments as of Thursday morning.

It’s not the first time Mr. Trash Wheel, which was installed in 2014 near the mouth of the Jones Falls by the Waterfront Partnership's Healthy Harbor Initiative, has gained Reddit fame. The wheel has participated in several AMAs, or “ask me anything” Q&A sessions, and has been at the top of the front page before.

If you’re a new follower of this anthropomorphic pollution-fighter, here are some quick facts about Mr. Trash Wheel to catch you up.


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