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Captain Trash Wheel? Trashzilla? Public invited to vote on name of Baltimore's newest trash wheel

Will it be Captain Trash Wheel, Uncle Curtis, Trashzilla, Oscar, or Trash Smasher?

That will be the pertinent question over the next week, as the Maryland Port Administration invites the public to help choose the name for the newest trash wheel planned for South Baltimore's Masonville Cove, a dredged material containment facility owned by the port administration, according to a recent news release.


The yet-unnamed device will be the newest trash-collecting water wheel, joining friends Mr. Trash Wheel, which made its debut in the Inner Harbor in 2014, and Professor Trash Wheel, which was implemented in Canton in December. Another is planned for Gwynns Falls.

The Masonville Cove trash wheel, which will be smaller than its predecessors, will begin operating in 2018, mostly operating during rain, and will include solar panels to maximize its energy, the Port Administration said.


Those invested in the trash wheel's name can choose among the aforementioned five names, all of which were chosen by local students from nearby schools and Masonville community members. Voting will take place online through Oct. 26, and the winner will be announced in early November.

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