Route One Apparel, the Maryland-based company known for adorning its products with the Maryland flag and its colors, is raising money for Hurricane Harvey relief effort by selling Texas-themed stickers and T-shirts.

According to an Instagram post, “100 percent of its profits [from the items] will be donated to charities that are directly helping with restoration efforts” related to the storm, which has caused widespread flooding in the Houston area and left at least 50 dead. The post featured one of the designs for the shirts and stickers: an outline of the state of Texas made with the Maryland flag pattern, with the words “Together with Texas” in the center.


The company’s founder, Ali von Paris, got the idea after posting a message about Harvey on social media.

“The engagement on that post was tremendous,” she said. “I received 30 to 40 emails from people with ideas and designers. Some of the designs we used were user submitted.”

She added: “We’ve done a lot of charitable efforts across the years. People like memorabilia to help them remember their donations.”

Von Paris expects to sell at least 1,000 units of the products for the relief effort. The merchandise will launch on her site today. Stickers are $9.99; T-Shirts range from $20 to $25.

“I’ll continue to push it as demand dictates,” she said, adding that she’s also thinking about what to do for Florida and Hurricane Irma.