Port Discovery Children's Museum to begin construction on two new exhibits early next year

Port Discovery Children’s Museum is slated to open two new immersive exhibits and several improved amenities in late spring of next year and will begin construction in January, according to a recent release.

Beginning on Jan. 2, the museum will work to replace its current Kidworks exhibit with The SkyClimber, a four-story exhibit that aims to encourage children to get active, and will begin construction on the Port Exhibit, which features an interactive ship that will teach children STEM and problem-solving skills. The museum will also construct a new lobby, nursing area, a renovated lunchroom and restrooms, and will include more family seating.

The renovations mark the museum’s first overhaul since opening 20 years ago in December and is a part of the museum’s $10.5 million campaign “Playing Today, Leading Tomorrow,” which was created to expand their exhibit and programming. According to the release, $9.4 million has already been raised to support the project, which includes city, state and private funds.

A museum spokeswoman stated in an email to The Baltimore Sun that additional exhibits, including the Space, Art and Nature exhibit, are in the works and are a part of a five-year plan. The space exhibit is slated to begin construction in 2020, the art exhibit, in 2021; and the nature exhibit in 2022, which is dependent on funding, she wrote.

In anticipation of the construction, the museum will host a range of events in December, inviting visitors and its members to say goodbye to the original KidWorks exhibit, and in January, will host exhibits like The Construction Zone in the museum’s atrium and a pop-up play space at The Shops at Kenilworth in Towson, which will be offered while other exhibits at the museum are being built.

The grand opening of the new spaces will be announced by the museum at a later date. For more information, visit portdiscovery.org.




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