Baltimore's Port Discovery Children’s Museum launches $10.5M campaign to expand exhibit, program offerings

In its 20th year, Port Discovery Children’s Museum has launched a $10.5 million campaign to expand their exhibit and programming offerings, according to a recent release.

The campaign, titled Playing Today, Leading Tomorrow, is aiming to create at least three new exhibits, including a port-themed exhibit featuring an interactive ship that will teach children STEM and problem-solving skills. A new four-story SkyClimber exhibit, which will replace the current KidWorks exhibit, will “encourage children to get active.”

Both exhibits are expected to open in 2019. Construction on a new space, art and nature exhibit is expected to begin in 2020. Additional exhibits and amenities — including a new Space, Art and Nature exhibit, as well as upgraded bathrooms, family seating areas, and nursing areas — will be introduced to the museum over the next several years.

According to the release, $7.5 million has already been raised to support the project, which include city, state and private funds. The museum is also asking the community for contribute in hopes of making the vision come alive.

Previews of the exhibits concepts are available in the museum’s pop-ups, previews and prototypes space. Visitors, who will have an opportunity to help name the new exhibits, are encouraged to give feedback about the exhibits.


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