How 'bout dem Ducks? Baltimore Councilman Ryan Dorsey spots man in O's cap in Tokyo. O's fan? Not quite.

If it looks like an Oriole and shows up on a baseball cap like an Oriole, then it must be a… duck?

In Tokyo, apparently.


Baltimore City District 3 Councilman Ryan Dorsey, riding a train on a recent trip to Tokyo and spying a man wearing an Orioles baseball cap, did what any proud Baltimorean would do. He approached the man and asked, “How ’bout dem O’s?”

The man’s response, as Dorsey wrote in a May 17 Twitter post, wasn’t exactly what one would expect. But then again, if the man had gone into a harangue about why the O’s didn’t keep Adam Jones or expressed frustration over the rebuilding process, Dorsey might not have been inspired to record the conversation on Twitter.

“Very dryly,” the councilman wrote in his tweet, “he responded in a German accent, ‘Oh. I see. It’s because of the, uh [points at hat]. I just like the duck. I think it’s cool.’”

Emailing from Japan, where he’s still traveling, Dorsey acknowledged his surprise at the encounter. “When I first saw him and approached him,” he wrote, “I thought I’d end up getting a picture and tweeting something about meeting another Baltimore person, maybe even one of my constituents, on the opposite side of the planet.”

Of course the Oriole bird is cool; a few years back, a survey listed the O’s logo as among the best in the majors. But who knew its coolness transcended continents, cultures and even species?

“Before he got off,” the councilman added, “I told him he should look online for some examples of what the Baltimore accent sounds like, so maybe one day he can walk up to somebody unsuspecting and say in a perfect Baltimore accent, ‘How ’bout dem O’s?’ maybe even tack on a ‘hon’ at the end.”

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