The Onion strikes again in Baltimore.

The satirical news organization poked fun at the city Tuesday in an article that describes the city’s attempt to sell an underwhelming Baltimore to millennials and college graduates with a bleak campaign tagline: “You get used to it.”


The article even included fictitious quotes from William H. Cole IV, the actual president of the Baltimore Development Corporation, and a photo of Baltimore with a Visit Baltimore logo — showing its true dedication to this fake news.

“Most newcomers to Baltimore discover that, after a while, they are able to adjust their expectations to a point where they can live with what this place has to offer,” The Onion quoted Cole saying. He also pointed to city’s few museums worth visiting, a “halfway-decent” bar and restaurant scene, and “neighborhoods that begin to seem bustling and fun if one has lived there a couple years and has nothing better to compare them to.”

In the spirit of taking a joke, let us celebrate 16 times The Onion skewered Baltimore. Don't take it personally.

“In other words, you get used to it,” Cole “said.”

Cole and the Baltimore Development Corporation did not immediately respond to The Baltimore Sun’s request for comment.

This isn’t the first time The Onion has mocked the city.

In 2016, the website followed up Baltimore’s many travel list mentions and shout-outs to Charm City with their own article “Baltimore Named City With Best Quality Of Pigeon Life”, in which the “Wall Street Journal” ranked Baltimore the No. 1 pigeon-friendly city thanks to its “its ample nesting alcoves, the lack of bird-repellent spikes, and the accessibility of dropped French fries and corn dogs.” And, in fact, The Onion has skewered Charm City so many times that we came up with a list of the top 10 back in 2015.