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Does Google Home understand Bawlmerese? YouTube skit imagines its response

What would happen if you used your thickest Bawlmerese while using Google Home?

YouTuber Matt Koval imagines this scenario — and pokes fun at the Baltimore accent — in his latest YouTube video, “2 Maryland Guys Try Google Home.” The (fictional) skit features Koval and a friend asking the “Geugle” device questions like, “What’s da wooder temperature downee oweshun?” and “How tall is Joe Flacoew?”

The smart speaker device fails to comprehend, eventually telling the duo to “try that again in English.” Koval noted in his video description, however, that all of the device’s responses were fabricated for the skit, “and it actually understood what we were saying just about every time.”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out yourself for good measure, or enjoy watching the duo unleash a flurry of questions about “Sem Elem” (7-Eleven), the “Oews” (Orioles), and when to turn the clocks “ford” (forward).

You can watch the video above.


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