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Lincoln Tech to launch culinary institute at Columbia campus this November

Lincoln Tech in Columbia, a vocational school that specializes in post-secondary education, will launch a culinary program in November and a baking and pastry program this spring.

Lincoln Culinary Institute, which joins area cooking schools including Stratford University’s School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management in Little Italy and the Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute at Anne Arundel County Community College, will include hands-on instruction for preparing international cuisines as well as lessons in food and menu presentation; food storage, handling and safety; and beverage pairings. Many courses will be taught at the campus’ three on-site commercial kitchens, according to Cory Hughes, Lincoln Tech’s Columbia campus president.

“The entire philosophy is we specialize in preparation and skills that are going to gain students entry-level positions in their field of study,” said Hughes, who noted that many people go into the restaurant and culinary industry without any experience. “Our students are going to walk in, and they’re going to have the fundamentals.”

The goal is to prepare graduates for jobs in the growing restaurant and hospitality industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8 percent increase in the number of chef and head cook jobs positions in Maryland by 2026 — around 3,000 jobs.

Lincoln culinary program requires a total of 1,080 hours, including a 180-hour externship where students work in a culinary setting.

The culinary institute’s international baking and pastry diploma program, slated for 2019, will also require 1,080 hours and three 90-hour externships.

Tuition for both programs totals to just under $22,000, and coursework can be completed in as little as 66 weeks, Hughes said.

Beyond the diploma programs, Lincoln Tech is slated to expand its culinary education offerings with one-night and several week courses that teach the basic concepts of cooking and common kitchen challenges, Hughes said.


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