Mighty Kacy is mighty once again.

Former Towson University gymnast and ”American Ninja Warrior” superstar Kacy Catanzaro resurged on Monday night’s show as she ran, swung and hurled her way to the city finals round for the first time since 2014.

In the San Antonio qualifying round of the NBC obstacle course competition show, the 5-foot, 95-pound athlete made a comeback after stumbling in the past two seasons. Catanzaro made ”American Ninja Warrior” history in 2014 when she became the first woman to complete a city finals course and qualify for nationals in Las Vegas.

Since her stunning debut, Catanzaro has struggled to get her mojo back. She earned wild-card bids to the national competition in 2015 and 2016 but tripped up on early obstacles, sending her crashing to watery defeat.


Despite failing to complete the course on Monday night’s episode, Catanzaro still qualified for the city finals thanks to a rule change. In the 2017 season, the top five female “American Ninja Warrior” competitors from each city advance to that location’s finals; in previous seasons, the top 30 athletes regardless of gender moved on.

Catanzaro had home court advantage in San Antonio where she lives and works. Catanzaro, the former Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year, seemed calm and energized, playing off the crowd and yelling to fans for support. Catanzaro said on the show that she drew inspiration from her mother, who had a heart attack this past year.

Catanzaro sailed past the floating stairs and “tick tock,” a swinging pendulum that weighs more than her. She raced over the “spinning bridge,” a pathway made of four rotating buoys.

Then she ran into trouble. . Suspended in mid-air and grasping a large, red ring, Catanzaro swung and caught herself on two hooks before making a miscalculation and teetering off the edge of a third. But Catanzaro had made it far enough, fast enough to advance.

Fans took to Twitter to after Catanzaro’s victory to support the popular competitor.


The San Antonio finals will air on June 24.

“I really want to redeem myself this year,” she said on the show.




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