Jason Hisley of Cakes by Jason will be a competitor on the Food Network's "Holiday Wars," premiering Dec. 1.
Jason Hisley of Cakes by Jason will be a competitor on the Food Network's "Holiday Wars," premiering Dec. 1. (Daniel Kucin Jr., Baltimore Sun)

Jason Hisley, of Timonium-based Cake by Jason, will be returning to the Food Network in December, showing off the amazing things he and his teammates can do with sugar, yeast and other deliciousness.

Hisley will be among the competitors on “Holiday Wars,” premiering at 9 p.m. Dec. 1 on the cable network. The show will feature five teams of “cake masters and sugar artists,” according to the network, looking to impress a panel of judges with “mind-blowing holiday displays that are as festive as they are delicious.”


Much of the show show already has been filmed, and naturally, Hisley isn’t allowed to provide much in the way of details. But the former owner and executive chef of Baltimore’s La Cakerie, who estimates he’s been part of Food Network competitions more than a dozen times, clearly had a great time doing “Holiday Wars.”

“On one hand, it’s unbelievably stressful, it’s definitely aging me faster than it should,” Hisley said with a laugh. But making such monster-sized confections allows him to exercise creative muscles that might otherwise go undisturbed. “These are things that would not necessarily be created for a client,” he said. “These are thousands of pounds, gigantic...Really pushing yourself to that limit is such a creative flex.”

First up for “Holiday Wars,” according to the network, will be the “Snowball Fight challenge,” where teams will be given 45 minutes to create an edible holiday treat using cake and sugar. Next will be the “Winter Blizzard challenge,” with the goal of creating an “eye-popping, masterful Christmas display made up entirely of cake and sugar.”

“Holiday Wars” will be hosted by Jonathan Bennett, with award-winning cake decorator Shinmin Li and Food Network’s Jason Smith as judges.

Hisley announced his participation in the show on Facebook Tuesday. “This is a BIG one,” he wrote in his Facebook post. “The show is 4 episodes long...every Sunday in December...with one team eliminated each episode!!!Here’s hoping we make it through to that finale for a chance to win the big bucks!”

The teams, which were put together by the Food Network, are competing for a $25,000 prize. Hisley was teamed with Robert Nieto, from California, Bethany Davis, from Texas, and Kim Simons, from New York.

Hisley’s previous appearances on the Food Network have included the “Halloween Baking Championship,” “Cake Wars,” “Cupcake Wars,” “Sweet Genius” and “Cutthroat Kitchen.”