A piece of HBO’s “The Wire” history was auctioned off today.

A jacket worn by actor Dominic West, in character as Jimmy McNulty, was sold at an auction on Saturday for $3,350 at the Thomas Johnson Elementary Middle School Fall Festival.


The buyer? None other than a man named Kevin McNulty — the father to a man named James McNulty.

“So the nametag will play” tweeted David Simon, creator of “The Wire.”

“Inside the jacket was a signed Wire Script and a fifth of Jamey found wedged in the breast pocket,” he added. The proceeds went to the Baltimore public education system.

Simon’s wife, author Laura Lippman, had advertised the auction on Twitter yesterday.

“Jimmy McNulty’s jacket from the marine unit to be auctioned tomorrow at TJEMS Fall Festival,” Lippman wrote.

The blue jacket, a photo of which accompanied the tweet, comes complete with a Baltimore Police patch and “J. McNulty” name tag. Simon confirmed via email that the jacket was part of the wardrobe on “The Wire.”

Sadly, West was not included with the jacket — at least not physically. “It smells like Dominic West,” Lippman wrote in a subsequent tweet. “In a good way. (There are no bad ways.)”