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No, Baltimore did not accidentally include a question about legalizing murder on the ballot

Don’t worry, there was no “Question P” on the Baltimore City general election ballot this year.

A Facebook post published Tuesday afternoon by the satirical City of Baltimore account apologized to residents for accidentally including a question on this year’s ballots “which legalizes recreational murder.”

“Please vote ‘No’ when you see this question,” the post reads. “Thank you for your cooperation.”

It was shared over 17,000 times in about 24 hours. Nearly 33,000 people follow the page online.

The Facebook account garnered similar attention this summer when another post alleged that the Baltimore Police Department planned to throw a “drug dealer party.”

“We know dealing drugs is tough, so we'd like to celebrate your hard work and give you a rest!” the post read. It also invited guests to bring drugs or a casserole of their choice.

Baltimore has had over 250 homicides this year, with 26 of them occurring over the last 30 days. During the city’s fourth Ceasefire Weekend that took place from last Friday to Sunday, one person was killed while at least two others suffered gunshot wounds.

In terms of actual ballot questions, Baltimore voters did pass a slew of them Tuesday — including measures to create an independent Inspector General's Office and banning officials from privatizing the city’s drinking water and sewer systems.

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