Video: Canton girl melts hearts by leaving flowers on neighbors' doorsteps

Five-year-old Canton resident Jade Houck has melted hearts after a video showed her leaving dandelions on her neighbors' doorsteps.

A five-year-old Canton girl has melted hearts with the simple, yet thoughtful gesture of giving out flowers to her neighbors.

Canton resident Amy Houck, 33, captured her daughter Jade distributing dandelions on the front steps of her neighbors' homes on Friday and shared the gracious moment in a video on the Canton Neighbors Facebook group. The video, shared Saturday, has received more than 1,500 likes and around 60 comments.


Houck said her daughter got the idea after school when they were walking around a neighborhood square and Jade spotted lilies. She wanted to pick them, but Houck encouraged her to pick the dandelions instead, after which Jade gathered a large pile and began putting an individual flower on her neighbors' doorsteps.

"She was talking to herself, saying 'All the people would be so happy if they had flowers!'" Houck said. The moment prompted Houck to whip out her camera to capture the tail-end of Jade's random act of kindness. (By that time, Jade had already given flowers to around 10 houses, Houck said.)

"She even tried to give one to a puppy in the window," said Houck, adding that the video has had a positive reaction among neighbors and beyond. "Everyone felt happier inside, and that this is the type of news that we need to see in Baltimore."

Canton has experienced a spike in crime in recent months. Houck said she was robbed outside of her home in February. She said the video reminded her how far love and kindness can spread — and that a 5-year-old can be at the center of it all.

"We'd like to see more of that love in Canton," Houck said. "To let each other know we're all here together. We're a community. … If we just care a little more about each other, it makes the whole neighborhood better.".

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