Radio host Bob Haynie lost a bet — now he's getting an angry Oriole bird tattoo on air

Radio host Bob Haynie lost a bet — now he's getting an angry Oriole bird tattoo on air
Sports radio personality Bob Haynie will get a tattoo of the angry Oriole bird logo after losing a bet that the baseball team would win at least 50 games this season. (Amy Davis / Baltimore Sun)

Sports radio personality Bob Haynie is no stranger to making bold statements on air.

Last year, the co-host of “The Vinny and Haynie Show” on 105.7 FM’s The Fan promised to shave his head and eyebrows if boxer Floyd Mayweather didn’t knock out Conor McGregor in the first three rounds.


His head and eyebrows were shaved bald on air.

"Luckily it grew back," he said. "I was a little nervous about the eyebrows."

And this year, after another bet lost, Haynie is getting a new tattoo.

The host made a hopeful bet in mid-August that the Baltimore Orioles, then sitting at 39 wins, could make it to 50 wins during the baseball season. He and his co-host decided they would have a champagne celebration on air, “that we’d pop the corks if they won.”

But what if they didn’t? Fans were asking.

“There had to be repercussions,” Haynie said, and so he volunteered to get a tattoo of the old Orioles logo, which features a “pissed off” bird holding a bat, along with the Orioles’ 2018 record, should he lose.

“I wanted a new tattoo anyways,” he reasoned. (Haynie has a tattoo of the current Orioles bird logo on his left arm.)

But Haynie reasoned that “there [had] to be a tag on it as a remembrance [of] how bad the season was.”

For a while, he was hopeful.

“I figured they could get to 50, but I figured wrong, of course,” he said. The Orioles came in at 47 games won and 115 lost, and fans and listeners aren’t letting him forget.

Haynie said he’s reminded of the deal he’s made every day since, and he’s going to keep his promise. He’s planning to get the tattoo on air in the next few weeks and broadcast it on Facebook Live. The tattoo artist has already been selected, and Haynie is planning to get the tattoo by his left ankle — around 4 inches in size, he said.

“Something noticeable,” he said. He’s keeping his word, and then some.

“I'm not going to get it so you can't see it.”

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