Bel-Loc Diner in Parkville closes its doors after 53 years. (Baltimore Sun video by Amy Davis)

For those who miss the beloved Parkville eatery Bel-Loc Diner, which closed its doors in March 2017 after 53 years in business, you're in luck. A piece of it lives on.

The diner's signature blue and white sign, which hung above the venue, is seeing a new life at secondhand shop Second Chance in South Baltimore.


"We have a big warehouse, so we love to save historical elements from the wrecking ball, so we offered to put it on display, to not sell it, and have it be enjoyed by people that come to the store," said Mark Foster, the president and CEO of Second Chance.

Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County and Starbucks, which aims to open a new store in the diner's former space in early June, both had a role in getting the piece down safely and packaging it for delivery to its new home.

The new ownership has installed a sign in an apparent homage to the original on the side of the building.

Second Chance has had the original sign on display for the past three to four months, according to Foster, but they are looking to build a special platform to display it in its original, more angled configuration to evoke the same feel that the diner had.

Bel-Loc Diner sign

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"We're not collectors per se, but … people look fondly on those things and have shared memories, especially Bel-Loc Diner," Foster said. "[They think] about that facility and the meals they had there, and the great family that ran the establishment for many years."

But "we won't be serving breakfast any time soon," Foster said with a laugh.