Snow in Baltimore means chairs are filling parking spaces. An online listing is fighting back.

Snow has fallen in Baltimore, which means the controversial tradition of reserving of parking spaces with chairs of all shapes and sizes — and cones, ironing boards and other objects — is back, and one Patterson Park neighbor is looking to stir up a little drama.

A recent Craig’s List posting from the East Baltimore neighborhood took a snapshot of a row of chairs and advertised them for those in need of some new furniture. (The listing had been removed by Wednesday evening.)

“Free chairs in front of 3101 E Fairmount Ave on the curb. No need to knock on the door- just haul them away!” the post stated.

Knowing the yearly scrounge for parking during snow, it’s more than probable that residents are claiming their car’s territory with the chairs — a somewhat historic practice that is actually illegal, but not enforced, and irritating to many locals. (See op-ed: “Note to Baltimoreans: That parking spot you shoveled out isn't yours.”)

Others, however, believe it’s only right to reserve a space after spending hours digging it out of the snow, resulting in years of debates, resident rivalries and retaliation in many parts of the city.

Although the tradition is primarily a city-based one — so much street parking — that doesn’t mean it doesn’t extend to the counties.


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