Woof: Doggie ice cream truck debuts in Maryland

Doggie Ice Cream truck
(Tiki's Playhouse)

We all scream for ice cream. And soon some of us might be barking for it, too.

Maryland's first ice cream truck for dogs is ready to roll to events and parks. It's the dream come true for the owner of a Glen Elg dog day care ever who's wanted to do it ever since reading about one opening in the U.K.

"We love our dogs and for some of us, they are our family," says Kelvin Abrams, the owner of Tiki's Playhouse and its new Doggie Ice Cream truck. "I've been working on it and working on it and waiting for the right opportunity. No one else is doing it here."

It's true. While the ice cream truck for dogs concept has made it's way to the United States -- Los Angeles got one last year -- Maryland dogs have yet to get a taste.

If people here get half as excited as they do about food trucks (for people), Abrams might be onto a winner.

Dogs that run to the Doggie Ice Cream Truck will be able to choose from a number of flavors -- Peanut Butter, Banana, Blueberry and Molassas.

A small cup will cost about $1.

If ice cream isn't your pup's thing (unheard of!), Abrams will also be selling treats, fruit cups (for dogs who want to be bikini-ready), water and even balls.

"Some dog's palattes are very picky," Abrams says. "Your Lab will eat anything. You can put a plate of rocks down in front of a Lab and he'll eat it. It's your little dogs that are the pickiest."

Abrams own dogs, Weimaraners named Carson and LT, have already taste-tested all of it and give it four paws up -- if you can take their word for it. Abrams named his business in honor of Tiki, another of his Weimaraners, that passed away.

And yes, the truck is outfitted with a sound system. it will be playing ice-cream truck favorites and sounds your dog might find more rousing -- like barks. (As far as we know, it will not obnoxiously belt "Helloooo," like some of Baltimore City's ice cream trucks.) (The barking might make the "helloooo" sound good.)

Abrams spent $8,000 turning a Ford into the canine ice-cream-mobile.

Look for it to start rolling through area parks -- especially those with dog runs -- as soon as the weather warms. It could be out as early as this weekend or next.

The truck will also be parked at a number of upcoming pet events -- the first will be the Baltimore Humane Society's Easter Egg Stravaganza from noon to 3 p.m. April 7 in Reisterstown.

If business this summer is as brisk as Abrams hopes, he's already thinking of expanding his fleet to a second truck for 2013 -- one capable of offering soft-serve.

"It's something new. It's something unheard of," Abrams says. "Now is the time to spoil your dog."



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