Why Ray Rice's family might hate Stacy Keibler

Rice makes Keibler's day
(You Tube)

Oh Ray Rice... Ray, Ray, Ray. This is not what you do with Mother's Day just around the corner.

What is mom going to say when she finds out what you did with the very first of the new team jerseys? What about your girlfriend? Heck -- what about your guy friends?

When they find out you gave such important goods away to a leggy blonde, you're in trouble. And when George Clooney finds out the leggy blonde was his girlfriend, he might not be thrilled with you either.

For reasons that aren't entirely clear Rice gave Keibler his new jersey. But the exchange -- apparently some sort of promotion for Nike -- was filmed and placed on You Tube for the world to see.

Though the video is brand new, the hand-off seems to have happened April 17, when Keibler Tweeted: "So great to see u again yesterday @rayrice27 And THANK U THANK U THANK U for the best gift ever from @usnikefootball I am so honored!!!!!"

The video opens with shots of Baltimore apparently captured in a moving car -- a lot of Mount Vernon, some Inner Harbor, a bit of the back streets.

You hear Rice and Keibler talking about how everyone in the city is passionate about football. Rice tells about how he likes to sneak up on people in town who are wearing his number.

"When the season is over, when everything is said and done, I like to feel normal so I tend to go places where people wouldn't expect me at and I see someone with my jersey and I go up to em and just say, 'Nice jersey,'" he says. "They'll do a double take and realize that it's me and they appreciate. You know it makes me who I am, it humbles me."

There's footage of Rice and Keibler sitting together at Pazo -- sort of stiffly -- talking about football and their love of the Ravens. He's wearing fashionable black-rimmed geek glasses. She's in purple pants and a black leather jacket.

She talks about her purple pride.

"I wear my jersey proud," she says. "No matter where I go I'm always gonna bleed purple."

And then Rice gives up the coveted shirt.

"The first jersey is officially yours," he says, handing her a Rice, No. 27 shirt framed in clear plastic. "My mom's gonna be jealous."

Watch the video:

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