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Michael Phelps cheers as sister Whitney prepares for NYC Marathon

Wouldn't it be the worst to be an unathletic kid in the Phelps family?

Luckily it didn't happen.

With them, it's all Iron Man this, Olympics that. And now Michael's sister Whitney is about to run the New York City Marathon on Nov. 4 while his other sis Hilary takes on the 5K.

Remember all of those Olympic events where Debbie Phelps cheered on Michael, flanked by Hilary and Whitney? Well, come marathon morning, Michael says he'll be trying out the cheering position, rooting for Hilary and Whitney.

Sounds like he might even be planning be there in person.

"It's something I enjoy, being able to be there for my family and my sisters," he told Glamour magazine. "I love being able to watch them get out there and have fun and try to accomplish their goals."

The other day at a pre-marathon photo shoot in New York, Michael and his sisters took a dip in the pool and then the Olympian faced off against Whitney on the track. She won. This week, the two shared some of their training tips with Glamour.

Whitney's tip: To avoid a training slump, change your scenery with a new route or a new place to start the run. She likes to plan something fun for after the run -- like brunch with friends -- as an incentive. "Whatever you have to do, just finish," she told Glamour.

Michael's tip: Get in the zone with music. "Just have fun, that's the biggest thing," he told the magazine. "As long as you're smiling and having fun that's all that matters."

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