How did you celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

What? Don't tell me you missed it again.


Artist Mary England spent Jan. 26 wrapping a Station North bus shelter in 125 feet of blue bubble wrap for passersby to pop.

"The reactions varied between disbelief, lack of understanding, and total amusement," England wrote in an email. "No one was mean about it, though."

In fact, one bus passenger decided to join in, helping England and her pal, Nick Ingrassia, wrap the bus shelter. The whole process took an hour.

"Lots of people thought we were doing it to make the bus stop warmer, which was interesting," England wrote.

England has organized several public art shennanigans in the past, including one in which she hung out on a Station North bridge dressed as a troll doll.

"I really just want to make spaces for free fun in Baltimore," wrote England, who blogs about her adventures at Uncustomary Art.

Two years ago, England marked Jan. 26 by hanging sheets of bubble wrap to a pole outside the American Visionary Art Museum.