Under Armour outfits Gotham Rogues of 'Dark Knight Rises'

(Under Armour)

Under Armour, a company that angles to outfit the country's most prominent sports stars, has managed to get in on one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year -- "The Dark Knight Rises."

The Baltimore sportswear maker has declared itself the "official outfitter" of the movie's football team, the Gotham Rogues.


Under Armour made the team's uniforms featured in the movie. And they're making the fanwear that people

There are jerseys, jackets and hats, all in the team colors that look suspiciously similar to a certain team from Pittsburgh.


It looks like only Bruce Wayne can afford the stuff.

A men's T-shirt that says "Gotham City Rogues Football Club" costs $39.99. The football jersey is -- yipes -- nearly $200. The varsity jacket is a serious purchase at $299.99.

The Gotham Rogues not only has teamwear, it's got a

with all sorts of information about its history, schedule and whatnot. Wayne Enterprises, it turns out, built their stadium.

Anyway, Under Armour invites customers to watch the "Dark Knight Rises" trailer before shopping. A game at the stadium is featured prominently but not exactly positively.

Let's just say things don't appear to go well -- like at all -- during the game.

(spoiler alert!)

In fact, it looks like a bomb goes off and swallows much of the turf and the team.

Go Rogues! Check out the collection at


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