Singer Toni Braxton is grappling with guilt from an abortion she had years ago.

In her newly-published memoir, "Unbreak My Heart," Braxton writes that she wonders if her younger son's autism could be a punishment from God because she had an abortion.


Braxton grew up an extremely religious family in Severn.  She wasn't allowed to wear pants -- only skirts and dresses -- and was forbidden from going to the movies, the NY Daily News reports.

"Homework was usually neglected because children at the church where her parents worshiped were obliged to memorize 26 scriptures a week," according to the NY Daily News. 

After the singer got engaged to her now-ex husband, she became pregnant while taking the anti-acne drug Accutane, which poses serious health risks to fetuses.

Braxton opted to have an abortion, both because of the Accutane, and, according to her memoir, for convenience, the NY Daily News reports.

She later had two sons. The second, Diezel, was diagnosed with autism.

Braxton said that she wondered if her son's condition was some sort of divine retribution for her abortion, the NY Daily news reports.

Elsewhere in the memoir, Braxton wonders if there is a connection between her son's autism and the MMR vaccine.  The Grammy award-winning singer also writes about her recent financial problems.