This Week in Black Twitter: Standing up for Leslie Jones, feelings on Young Thug's album art

Leslie Jones was attacked online — yet again — but people rally behind her with #IStandWithLeslie.

Welcome back to This Week in Black Twitter, your weekly digest of the happenings on Black Twitter and cultural conversations on the web. Topics will span the gamut — pop culture, politics, sports, lifestyles and everything in between. This week: Leslie Jones continues to be harassed online, most recently with a cyberattack on her website, and rapper Young Thug wears a dress for his album cover art.  

1. Actor and comedian Leslie Jones was attacked online — yet again.

Hackers took over Jones' website, publishing personal information such as images of her driver's license and passport, along with nude photos.  Homeland Security is investigating the breach.
Jones' experience with online abuse has gotten to the point where there's a running timeline detailing each instance.

Earlier this summer, she was bombarded with hateful tweets about the "Ghostbusters" remake she starred in, featuring an all-female cast. Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos, who wrote a negative review of the movie, was banned from Twitter for "inciting targeted abuse of individuals" after heated exchanges with Jones.

It even got to the point that Jones felt the need to take a hiatus from the social media site.

People have rallied behind Jones using #IStandWithLeslie and #BlackMenSupportLeslie after the cyberattack, which some referred to as a hate crime. Many concluded that the reason Jones has been targeted is because she's a black woman.
As Vanessa K. De Luca, editor-in-chief of Essence, wrote on "What incidents like this tell us is that we are now seeing social media take a nasty turn. The outspokenness and forum for free, unfiltered debate these platforms once represented has deteriorated. The mean-spiritedness is intentional; it is designed to censor and marginalize entire communities — typically women, and specifically black women — whom some believe should not have a voice."

(Katy Perry surprised people with her usage of misogynoir, a form of misogyny directed at women of color.)


2. Rapper Young Thug released his album "No, My Name is JEFFERY" on Thursday night — and the album art was a hot topic on the timeline.

On the album, he's pictured wearing a blue ruffled dress that's part of Italian designer Alessandro Trincone's “Annodami” collection, according to Fader.
But this isn't the first time the rapper has worn a dress. In fact, he told Fusion in 2015 that "Ninety percent of my clothes are women’s," explaining that they fit better than men's clothing.
The cover drew jokes, homophobic responses, praise for breaking gender norms and a discussion on exploiting queer culture.

While some were creating memes or commending Young Thug, one Twitter user offered another viewpoint in a thread.

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