Things learned from would-be Mega Millions winner's Facebook page

Things learned from would-be Mega Millions winner's Facebook page
(Sun file photo)

As reporters huddled Wednesday outside the office of an attorney hired by the woman who claims to be the Baltimore County winner of last Friday's Mega Millions prize, we wanted to know a bit more about her than the fuzzy bits revealed thus far.

So, we checked out her Facebook page.

Fact Number One: On Facebook, she goes by the name Sheila Paraison, not Mirlande Wilson, the name she has been giving reporters for the last week. (The New York Post uncovered the Facebook page.)

Wilson, a single mother from Westport, first told reporters that she had the ticket to a share of the record-breaking $656 million jackpot. She said she went into a lottery pool with her McDonald's co-workers but she wasn't sharing the money because she'd bought the winning ticket on her own.

Hysteria ensued, but Wilson/Paraison never showed the ticket.

And each of her remarks in front of the cameras and reporters seemed flakier than the last.

More Facebook facts:

• She's a fan of Joel Osteen.

• She has 277 friends. (That was earlier today. About a hundred more people had joined her friend list by 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

• She likes the movie "Takers."

• And -- interestingly -- her favorite TV shows are "Jerry Springer" and "Maury."

• Her profile quote: "I belive things happen for a reason and if you be patient maybe that thing will make sense soon or later."

Double hmmmmmmmm.

The McDonald's worker also says she's worked at the United Nations and studied at University of South Florida.

And last January she uploaded a picture of a giant lottery-esque pile of money.


Her status update from yesterday: All my true friend know im not greedy a person i don't want da money it made my life a living hell already im gonna give it all to rebuild haiti yall can chase all want my life and, my children it more important for money

The update from March 31, the day after the Mega Millions drawing: I, think my misery it ove thank u lord money can changes somebody.