'Supernatural' star sends 100 visitors to grandmother's Baltimore retirement home

When the first contestants arrived at Roland Park Place retirement home bearing cards and flowers, residents and staff weren't sure what to make of them.

But then it became clear: they were participants in an international scavenger hunt, organized by the grandson of a resident, Mrs. Doris Tippens.

Tippens' grandson, Misha Collins, plays the complex angel, Castiel, on the CW show "Supernatural." 

He's also a bit of a real-life angel, organizing the "Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen" (AKA #GISHWHES) for the past four years.

The scavenger hunt draws thousands of contestants from around the world, who make art, stage performances and perform acts of charity in the week-long competition.  The scavenger hunt is a fundraiser for Collins' charity, Random Acts

This year, Collins, 39, asked contestants to stop by Roland Park Place, or another retirement home, as part of the scavenger hunt, which wrapped up on Saturday.

More than 100 people -- about 30 different groups of contestants -- arrived at Roland Park Place bearing cards, flowers, candies and doughnuts, said the retirement home's public relations director, Bridget Forney.

Several contestants brought along their children to meet the residents. The video above shows two young brothers passing out handmade cards and sharing hugs with the residents.  (Sniff! Must be some dust in my eyes.)

Tippens, an 89-year-old retired school administrator, said she doesn't see her eldest grandson as a television star, but just a nice young man.

Tippens said she's very proud of him for organizing the scavenger hunt, and knows her late husband would also be proud.

"They do good things. They have fun and they make a lot of money for charity," said Tippens. "I approve."


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