John Waters escorts his mother to a Senator Theatre gala in October
(Flickering Treasures / Amy Davis)

You might wonder what kind of relationship the creator of "Serial Mom" would have with his own mom.

It turns out John Waters shared an exceptionally close bond with his mother, Patricia Waters, who died Saturday at age 89.


Waters told me in the fall that he and his mother had been going on Sunday adventures in Baltimore, revisiting places that were meaningful to the filmmaker, who had grown up in Lutherville and moved to the city as a young man.

"I take her for Sunday rides and we go to 'scary' neighborhoods that she's never been to," he said. "We love to do that.  I love it and she loves it too."

Waters said that he had taken his mom to see his first apartment, a house at 25th and Guilford Streets where he had moved in the late 1960s.

"It was exactly the same neighborhood as it is now," he said. "Not that it's a 'scary' neighborhood, but she was probably horrified when I moved from Lutherville to there."

Patricia Waters made needlepoint Christmas ornaments each year and her son kept them all -- and displayed them on an electric chair used in one of his films.

Water appeared publicly with his mom as recently as October, when he brought her as his date to the grand reopening gala at the Senator Theatre.