State Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr. removes rambling videos from YouTube

Update: On Wednesday, Conaway said he had removed the videos from YouTube. He said he did so over concerns about his various planned businesses being public. 

Ancient Egyptian carvings. The Book of Revelations. Canned chicken.

These are some of the topics that Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr. has discussed in more than 50 rambling videos that he has uploaded to YouTube in recent weeks.


"Am I living in a box? The cross. The Rubik's Cube," Conaway says in a video titled  "talking horse." "Am I living in a hologram? Holographic universe."

Video titles include "what rabbits eggs," "conaway globe" and "is that you me."

A West Baltimore Democrat, Conaway is on his way to winning a third term in the state legislature; he was among the top three vote-getters in June's Democratic primary for the 40th district's three House of Delegates seats. There are no Republicans or other candidates running in the general election.

His father and sister also hold public office. Conaway is also an employee in the City Hall mail room.

That book, Conaway said in a phone interview, came about after he deciphered several pieces of artwork that he saw in an exhibit on ancient Egypt at the Walters Art Museum.
"I'm trying to spread the knowledge that I have," Conaway said. "It's part of my duties as a Christian."
Conaway said that he does not believe in evolution.
"If you're talking about Darwin's theory that we descended from monkeys, I don't believe in that," he said. "I haven't seen any evidence to say man came from a monkey."
Conaway described himself as a "straight-up Christian" and declined to say which church he attended. He said that he had filmed the videos in an effort to promote his books as well as a limited liability company he plans to start called "Cover to Cover," to encourage people to read the Bible in its entirety.
He also posted several videos about foods, including canned white meat chicken, Arizona Diet Green Tea and sugar free hard candies in an effort to promote his weight loss book, "The 20 Pennies a Day Diet Plan."
Most of the videos appear to be filmed in an office, with a file cabinet and two cardboard boxes visible behind Conaway and a device he referred to as "my personal dog scale," which he said he used for his weight loss videos.
Conaway declined to say where he filmed the videos, but said it was not "a professional environment" and not the City Hall mail room.
In a wide-ranging telephone interview, Conaway brought up Moses, Egyptian Obelisks, the "Frankenfish," the Fibonacci sequence and "faces on Mars."
"Did you know 'matrix' means 'womb'?" he said. "They made a movie out of that."

Baltimore Sun reporter Luke Broadwater contributed to this post.