Stacy Keibler's Men's Fitness cover: All show, no tell

Covergirl Keibler
(Jill Rosen)

If you're looking for any deep, revealing information about Stacy Keibler, something beyond the blonde hair and the 42-inch legs, you won't find it in the latest issue of Men's Fitness where she's both cover girl and cover story.

But if you want more about the hair and the legs, by all means, spend the $4.99.


In the June issue, which just hit newsstands, the Baltimore native beams suggestively from the cover, posing on a beach in a black two-piece bathing suit with a boy-short bottom. The beach is Watkins Cove in Malibu.

The story, spread inside over six pages, is headlined "The Coolest Hot Girl."


If the reporter spent time asking Keibler about what it's like to one day to progress from Towson student to Ravens cheerleader to being photographed at the Oscars on the arms of one of the most sought-after men on the planet, it didn't make it into the story. What you will find is a lot of the writer's enthusiasm for Keibler's looks, her sports fandom, her lack of pretense.

Let's just say it seems like the reporter, Rob Fitgerald, really likes her. He might even have written the headline himself.

"So, let's take stock of where we are at this point," he writes, well into the piece "You've read four pages about how hot Stacy is, how athletic she is, and how you'd love to sit and watch a football game with her...what you really want to know...is how you could manage to maneuver yourself into the affections of a girl who looks like this."

Actually, that's not what at least one reader was hoping for. But, Fitzgerald, since you brought it up....

"I'm not really attracted to a big, jacked guy," Keibler tells the magazine. "I think that's a little excessive. I'm attracted to moderation. Someone who just takes care of himself from the inside out."

So, if, like Fitzgerald, you want Stacy, be moderate fellahs. And Stacy could be yours -- as soon as she leaves the arms of Mr. Moderation himself, Sexiest Man Alive George Clooney.

Anyway, back to the pictures. In another one inside, she's wearing hot pink short-shorts and a black tank top, doing what looks like a karate kick on the sand.

Other fun bits to glean from the story:

* She showed up to the photo shoot not only without an entourage -- she drove herself. Apparently in magazine cover-shoot-land, that's saying something.

* She once bought a single ticket to a Ravens away game and went solo.

* She's fond of the word "jacked."

* She used $10,000 in winnings from a Nitro Girls dancing competition to buy Ravens season tickets.


And, that's about it.


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