Stacy Keibler at the American Music Awards.
(Getty Images)

Stacy Keibler was along for the ride as Demi Moore kept the tabloids entertained this week in Miami.

The New York Post reports this morning that Keibler and Moore partied like champs Wednesday at Art Basel, first at a dinner party hosted by Chanel -- where apparently Moore befriended a stray cat, letting it sit on her lap during the meal, the Post reported.


Then, the two headed off to an after party where, according to the Post, guests included Lenny Kravitz and Will Ferrell. And then, approaching 1 a.m., it was off to yet another bash at a karaoke bar. Keibler and Moore reportedly danced and Keibler tossed back tequila shots.

Photos of one of the parties show Keibler looking on, seeming amused, as Moore breaks into a suggestive dance move.

At 3 a.m., the Post says they were off to yet another club.

Keibler and Moore are staying in Miami together at Alex Rodriguez's place. Keibler is friends with A-Rod's friend, Torrie Wilson.


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