Someone's been not-so-nice to our Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler's been fake interviewed
(Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Baltimore homegirl Stacy Keibler can be hard to score an interview with these days, what with her dating George Clooney and all.

But the Village Voice figured they'd go ahead and pretend like they got an interview with her.

They just published an "Exclusive Fake Interview With George Clooney's Girlfriend," by Michael Musto.

And let's just say, they weren't very nice.

Stacy doesn't give a very good fake interview.

For instance, here's just a taste:

So, Stacy, what the world wants to know and only you can answer is...What's George really like?

Well....he's very, very nice. And really smart. And...what's the word?...handsome.

What kinds of things do you do together?

Eating...red carpets...

What did you think of his Advocate interview?

I don't read The Advocate. He does. [pause] He likes to keep up with all kinds of stuff.

What did you think when he kissed Billy Crystal on the Oscars?

He can do better!

Any other insight into George's personality that you can share?

He reads books. He likes vegetables, if they're cooked well. Um...

See? Not so nice.

And then there was this comment at the end: "She does come off so hired, doesn't she? Oh well. They must share something we just don't know about."

"Hired" or not, the relationship doesn't seem to be hurting Keibler's career. She's rumored to be under consideration for one of the open judge slots on "The X-Factor." And she's been booking modeling gigs left and right, including one in Barcelona last week while Clooney was in D.C. being arrested at the embassy of Sudan.



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