Smell like one of The Avengers with Baltimore-made cologne

Smells like super-hero
(JADS International)

Excitement is building for this weekend's release of "Marvel's The Avengers."

People definitely want to see the movie. But one Baltimore company is hoping people also want to smell like it.

Fragrance manufacturer JADS International, a company that already makes perfumes based on "Star Wars" and "Star Trek," is selling seven Marvel-endorsed varieties of cologne, all inspired by the likes of Thor, Captain America, The Hulk and the rest of the super-hero gang.

On its website, JADS poses the question... “How can you smell like an icon?”

How indeed? And, perhaps a better question: Why?

The company's chief executive officer, Andrew Levine, said he founded his year-old company on the premise that people really do want to smell like their favorite movie characters.

"All these movies are coming up and we thought, 'What do people not have when it comes to merchandising?'" he said. "There are shirts and gadgets and this and that. We wondered what could you wear that reminded you of a movie without physically showing it?"

The company's task with "The Avengers," was trying to figure out what sort of a bouquet a super-hero would emit.

"How do you know what they smell like?" Levine says. "You're creating something that the actual company that creates the action figure doesn't even do."

Levine, who is also president of the Baltimore Humane Society's board of directors and used to run the Reisterstown shelter, says concocting just the right scent for each super-hero involved getting to the essence of each character.

The Captain America scent is called Patriot. "Arrogance may not be a uniquely American trait," the company says, "but we do it better than most, so inject your style with the most advanced protective system in the world." And in case you were wondering exactly what Captain America-style arrogance smells like, that would be fresh  notes of green lime and white pepper finished with dry oak wood, sandalwood and tequila.

The one that smells like The Hulk is called Smash! They say it's about "losing control." "Whether things are going very wrong or very right, not even a concentrated dose of gamma radiation can keep you from making an impact," the company says. Smash, they say, is "woody and aquatic," with yuzu, bergamot and tarragon with unexpected notes of water lily and nutmeg as well as Indian sandalwood, vetiver, musk and sharp cedar.

(The Hulk has a lot goin' on!)

Thor, by the way, has the one called Worthy and it's supposed to smell "like a god." Gods apparently smell woody citrus with bergamot, frozen ginger and wheatgrass with a hint of grapefruit and some other stuff. Thor is kind of like a smoothie.

Each variety costs $29.99 for a 3.4 ounce bottle. A set of four is available for about $60.

Find the cologne at certain comic book stores and online at www.avengerscologne.com.

Next fall, during the holiday season when the movie is released on DVD, Levine says he hopes to do more tie-in cologne and hopefully have it available in mass retailers.


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