Self magazine shows how to be 'smokin' as Stacy Keibler -- yeah right

Attainable body? Ha!
(Jill Rosen)

A body the likes of Stacy Keibler's is just a hop, lunge and a kick away -- or so says Self magazine.

The fitness monthly features Keibler prominently in the June issue, splashed leggily over a multi-page spread headlined "Hot Like Stacy."

"Those toned legs, sleek abs, firm booty," Self says. "Our latest girl crush is Stacy Keibler, who has one amazing body. Snag her 18-minute workout and you'll be just as smokin'." 

We will?

Forgive our doubts that 18 minutes a day -- even 18 hours a week -- would get the average girl anywhere close to Keibler-dom.

But, cynicism aside, the magazine shows Baltimore's one-time wrestler turned George Clooney's girlfriend working out, step by step, in quite a bit of detail. Each move is called a "sexy sizzler."

Keibler is demonstrating a workout credited to Juliet Kaska, a celebrity trainer. You need a resistance band -- and of course those 18 minutes.

She's holding a stretchy band and punching forward. She's squatting. She's lunging. She's doing what looks like those bicycle crunchies.

And she's doing all of it wearing barely-there boy shorts with a little waist bow, a white tank and black Nikes. In another shot she's dressier, in black and white short-shorts, a wispy tank and a heavy, anchor-like necklace.

"I love the adrenaline rush exercising gives me," Keibler tells Self. "And the payoff isn't bad, either!"

Guess not.

In related Keibler news, she's made Maxim's Hot 100 list. Check the list out here.


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