Ray Lewis appears on Steve Harvey Show to discuss book, life

Ray Lewis does an impersonation of the late King of Comedy and actor, Bernie Mac, on Tuesday's episode of the Steve Harvey Show.
Ray Lewis does an impersonation of the late King of Comedy and actor, Bernie Mac, on Tuesday's episode of the Steve Harvey Show.((Deyanna McElroy/NBC))
Football season may be over for the Ravens, but there’s one former player who's still making the news. Retired Ravens linebacker and TV analyst Ray Lewis will appear on the "Steve Harvey Show" today to talk about his memoir, "I Feel Like Going On: Life, Game, and Glory."
In his book, released in October 2015, Lewis talks football, his childhood and some of his biggest obstacles, including coming to terms with the absence of his father.
“The hardest thing for a man to ever overcome is not having a father,” Lewis said in the pretaped episode. “I used to always ask my mom ‘Mom, why don’t I have the same name as everybody else?’”
Lewis shared with the "Steve Harvey Show" audience that his father walked out of his life the day he was born. With no one to sign his birth certificate, Lewis' mother, who was 15 years old at the time and unable to pay for any of the hospital bills, asked a favor of a man she knew. He obliged.
“That man came to the hospital, and signed as my father, and that’s why to this day, I walk around with the name Ray Lewis,” Lewis said.
Lewis later met the man who signed his birth certificate in junior high on the way to the grocery store. Lewis said he told him, “Nice to meet you and I promise to make your name great, so thank you.”
Lewis also discussed with Harvey tackled his involvement in the killing of two men in Atlanta after Super Bowl XXXV, an incident he discusses in his book. The murder charges against Lewis were later dropped. 
“I was very open with how I shared Atlanta in my book, because I wanted Atlanta to be heard from a young black kid — 'cause that’s what I was then," Lewis told Harvey. "I realize now that some things — some pains — you have to go through. You can’t go around. You can’t take a detour. You got to go through it. And if I had to go through that to be sitting right here, then so be it.”
Lewis also shares some laughs with Harvey, especially with an impression of late comedian Bernie Mac (Spoiler alert: Harvey was impressed!).
The two also team up during the episode to offer some guidance to a mother and her 18-year-old son whose dreams of playing college football and being drafted to the NFL are in jeopardy. 

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