Ravens' Mr. Torrey Smith goes to Washington

Torrey Smith
(Sun file photo)

In the off-season, when the Baltimore Ravens'

Torrey Smith isn't trying to refinish his floors, he's lobbying Congress.

The wide-receiver headed to Washington Wednesday with the hopes of convicing lawmakers to help America stop being so fat and sluggish.

Smith was there, with a contigent of other star athletes, seeking support for the "Get America Moving" program. Leading the charge was the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, a group that apparently hopes America, as it "gets moving," buys a lot of balls, bats and cup protectors to do it.

On Twitter Wednesday morning Smith, immediately after asking for recommendations for someone who can refinish wood floors at a good price, said the idea of Washington made him "feel important haha."

He pointed out that he was in good company -- former football great Herschel Walker and Carolina Panther Steve Smith. Also there were folks including WNBA players, golfers and distance runners.

Smith was helping to lobby for two bills.

First, was the Carol M. White Physical Education Program Bill that would pay for a program to give school districts and community groups resources to get kids interested in getting fit. Then, the Personal Health Investment Today Act, would offer tax incentives for people to get in shape.

To get lawmakers' attention, one member of Smith's party, golfer Gary Player, used a scare tactic. At least according to Smith.

"Gary Player said 'Some men will never see their private parts again' talking about child hood obesity hahaha," Smith Tweeted.

Hahaha? Yipe.


Smith later Tweeted that being all in the hub of power made him want to meet the president.

"With all of this free time I have I'm gonna make it my mission to meet Obama before April 16," he wrote. "Haha today motivated me to do it."


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