A Ravens Super Bowl ring is lost in the Chesapeake Bay.
(Brian Krista, Baltimore Sun Media Group photo)

Add a Super Bowl ring to the list of things floating in the Chesapeake Bay.

The ring belongs to a receptionist for the Ravens named Toni Lekas -- everyone involved with a winning team gets a ring, not just the players.


The person who lost the ring is her boyfriend, Chuck Lykes. Florists, take note of his name, because Lykes will likely be sending Lekas a lot of bouquets to make up for this one.

Lykes was wearing the ring at a party on a boat in Middle River in August after Lekas had gone home, according to The Caw blog on baltimoreravens.com.

He grabbed a rope to help dock the boat and -- wham -- the ring flew into the murky deep.

Lykes spent the rest of the evening and next day doing what most of us would do in that situation -- avoiding his girlfriend.

He searched the silty bottom of the river with friends, then hired a diver to search some more.

He screamed. He cried. He didn't answer the phone when Lekas called.

Finally, the following evening, Lykes came home and told Lekas that he had lost her ring.

She was furious, to put it mildly.

"I never cried," Lekas told The Caw blog. "I was too mad to cry."

Fortunately, Lekas had insured the ring, and the team was able to convince the NFL to approve the creation of a new one.

That ring is set to arrive soon. And this one will not be going on any boat trips.

"Now it's going in a safety deposit box," Lekas told the blog. "I'm not going to keep it at home; it's just too stressful."

Incidentally, if you happen to snag the ring on your fishing line, you are legally required to turn it over to Lekas, according to The Caw.