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Ravens faithful can have Michael Oher on the Christmas tree this year

What's purple, white and can hang on your tree's blind side?

It's a Michael Oher-nament!

Hallmark has just released a sneak preview of it's 2012 Keepsake Ornaments -- and the Ravens offensive tackle has made the cut.

It's a first time a Raven has become an ornament -- something the Hallmark company considers and honor.

"We chose Michael Oher to become a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament because of his ability on the field and the story of what he had to overcome to get there," Hallmark spokewomanm Jaci Twidwell told The Sun. "He's a great ambassador for the Ravens and is an overall good person."

This is the 18th year for Hallmark's Football Legends ornament series. Oher is one of only five players picked for ornament-dom this year. The 2012 collection also includes Hines Ward of the Steelers, Walter Payton, Scott Fujita and Charles Woodson.
Ornament Oher is about four inches tall and two inches around. He'll be available in stores in July.

The ornaments caputure the various players in an action pose. Wearing the purple jersey and white pants, Ornament Oher has got his hands out slightly, palms facing the field, looking sort of watchful and ready -- like he might be about to pounce.

The decoration will cost $17.95.

On the Hallmark site, this is what it says about the ornament: Michael Oher serves as an inspiration for overcoming obstacles throughout his lifetime, but being picked in the NFL draft wasn't a difficult task for this talented offensive tackle. He's a proud player for the Baltimore Ravens and his award-winning spirit, both on and off the field, is worth sharing this Christmas.

The Ravens drafted the 300-plus-pound Oher in 2009. His inspirational story of overcoming hardship, his eventual adoption by his guardians and his path to success on the gridiron was told in Michael Lewis' book "The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game" and in the Sandra Bullock movie "The Blind Side."